About me

Hi. My name is Martin Günther. I am a german designer who lives in Switzerland for a while now. I love to be creative and try to make unique designs, logos and amongst others.I am very flexible in the kind of styles and designs I produce – it depends on how I am influenced at the moment.

I hope you like my work. If you have design wishes or ideas, please let me know and I will see, if I can help you out.
Please find some of my 
career stations below. 


2013 Now Still Closer to the Final Customer – Advertising Assistant at Interdiscount

[one_half]Interdiscount is, with almost 200 shops, the largest trade chain in electronics in Switzerland and is part of the Coop co-operative. After several catalogue productions at Bosch, I have the opportunity to work still closer to the final customer now and to design and produce brochures, web-banners and many more. By now, I can claim to be particularly strong in that area and my KSAs provide professional and efficient help to[/one_half] [one_half_last]the respective company. There is certainly also further knowledge to gain – Interdiscount systems are backed by SAP-databases, which are, though hard to believe,  even more extensive than at Bosch. Language versions are stored directly in the database, which allows shortening production time of the respective brochures drastically. An interesting job![/one_half_last]

2011 From Marketing Agency to Industry Giant – Polygraph at BOSCH

[one_half]In May 2011, BOSCH Switzerland was looking for a polygraph for the Power Tool Accessories Division. It was very interesting for me to work for BOSCH and gain insight into the scenery of the marketing strategists, especially since the company is the globally leading technology provider and not only active in the field of power tools and power tool accessories. My major responsibility was supporting projects within the DTP-area of [/one_half] [one_half_last]the catalogue production. This, of course, happened in accordance with strict corporate design guidelines. Furthermore, I was retouching BOSCH product images for different e-commerce platforms, e.g. Amazon. Likewise, I was allowed to assist the „Packaging Design“ department off and on and contributed to cost reduction as my retouches of packing labels substituted additional photo-shootings.[/one_half_last]

2010 The Step to Switzerland – Graphic Designer at business4you AG

[one_half]After three years of running an own advertising agency, time had come for a change. Business4you opened the opportunity for an employment as graphic designer in Switzerland. My major tasks were retouching journals and periodicals, relating to corporate design / corporate identity, vectorising graphics[/one_half] [one_half_last] as well as converting technical drawings. Additionally, I gained new experience in screen layout techniques for web pages. Back then, business4you was a pure marketing agency and specialized on SMBs. Until today, the company has strongly grown and changed headquarters to Biel/Bienne.[/one_half_last]
2007 2nd Place at the „Spoonfork Next Titelblatt“ Design Competition

0Project „Own advertising agency“ – Isotonic Design

[one_half] For a total of three years (2006 – 2009), I was trying the adventure entrepreneurship. Only nine months before embarking the venture, I obtained my skilled worker certificate and thus the learning process about how a company’s is run in its operations and strategically was even more intensive. Entrepreneurship offered the opportunity to be in[/one_half] [one_half_last]direct contact with the customer, to realize customer wishes as well as to map out concepts and strategies. Furthermore, I had to manage finances and keep control of all aspects of the company especially in periods of high pressure. Even if the time was rather tough, I was able to learn a lot and enjoyed holding the reins of my own company. [/one_half_last]

2005 Skilled Worker Certificate for the Profession „Media Graphic Artist“ in Media Operations

[one_half] From fall 2002 to 2005, was allowed to participate in an interplant vocational programme. In retrospect, I have to say that it was the best that could happen to me. Reason is the training methods. We were a small group of future media graphic artists and had a specialised trainer e.g. for each program within the Adobe Creative Suite. We were thus allowed to study the programs intensively and implemented several real case group projects.[/one_half] [one_half_last]The apprenticeship additionally included different internships, during which I worked e.g. for the print service at “Technical University Chemnitz”, at the regional TV-channel “Kanal 1” and the well-known advertising agency “Milch und Honig”. The internship at “Kanal 1” was particularly important for my future development as I gained many insights on the field of sound on vision.[/one_half_last]

2002 Graduation Secondary School Katharina-Peters in Zwönitz